Snorkel off the Lembongan Shore:
The best snorkeling spot of the shore of Lembongan is happening to be near our hotel!  Mushroom bay’s high visibility and gentle waves make it a perfect Snorkeling spot, and only a stone’s throw away from Paus Putih. Mushroom bay snorkeling offers sufficient marine life including butterfly fish, damselfish, anemone fish, and angelfish, as well as some colorful corals at as shallow as 5 meters.

Join a Snorkeling Tour:
There are many Snorkeling trip packages you can book, from basic to all-inclusive packages, Our team will take you around to 3 best snorkeling sites based on the water conditions on the day of your trip. We can also do tailored tour package to best suits your needs

Hire a private Boat:
This is the best option for seeing the best of Nusa Lembongan’s marine world. Depending on how long you want to hire the boat and the captain. We recommend this option because you have the most flexibility around scheduling the trip, selecting the snorkeling sites, and staying in the water for as long as you like.

The gentle sloping reefs of the north coast of Penida provide beautiful coral reefs starting at just 2 meters underwater and cover the slope all the way to the bottom. These mixing hard and soft corals, provide homes to many small critters like; nudibranch, crabs and shrimps while also providing a healthy living environment for many schooling reef fish. Off the reef and cruising in the blue water, it is possible to see the large fish like Giant Trevally, Turtles, Napoleon wrasse and
The large plateaus of the south provide the cleaning and feeding stations for the Manta Rays and this where the two manta dive sites are located. Although not as rich in coral diversity as the north, the plateaus do offer divers interesting rock formations covered in sponge and coral. The high light of the southern dive sites is having the chance to see the Manta feeding in the shallows or being cleaned by the reef fish.


Surf School:
for the best surf lesson in the Island, we work with Thabu Surf School, The Surf lessons are suitable for groups of friends, families, and also for solo travelers – a perfect chance to meet new people and share your exciting surfing experience.

Surf Spots:
Due to it’s proximity to the beach Playgrounds is most suited for less experienced surfers who didn’t come on a boat. Works best around mid tide

Lacerations can break on an extremely shallow reef, so better watch the tide and other, more experienced surfers.

A surf spot that needs some water. Consequently, Shipwrecks is pretty much nonexistent during low tide and starts to work when it gets a bit higher during mid and high tide. Then, it can work really well, forming a great right-hander wave. Be careful, the reef can be
shallow and sharp.

Mahana Point, Ceningan:
Here, a deep water wave hits an extremely unprotected and shallow reef. The result, Mahana Point, a beauty of a surf spot.

Stand Up Paddling is another way to enjoy the beautiful blue waters of Lembongan and Ceningan, whose popularity took off in the recent year. There are a few spots around Lembongan that provide a great place to gently paddle around and relax. For the more experienced stand-up paddle boarding, the main surf spots, provide some great waves to ride. At the north tip of the island, there is a mangrove forest that has become a popular spot for snorkeling, stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking due to the protected calm waters from surge and waves

Water Sports
Paus Putih works with the locals of the surrounding village to give you the watersport experience of your life. Ever tried Banana pulled by traditional Jukung? here’s your chance. The Local captains also offered Parasailing and flying fish.

Scooter & Buggy rent:
Talk with our Front Desk to arrange Scooter and electric buggy to explore the island!

Lembongan boast a few yoga studios with certified instructors and teacher training, they offer various class from the energetic Vinyasa flow to gentle Yin Yoga and meditation class, many offer short and long term packages. Talk with our front desk to get special offers!

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Yoga Class & Teacher Training

get your yoga class fix on the island!

Penida Tour

Explore the Big Nusa with our seamless itinary and experienced guide.

Water Sport

Banana Boat, Parasailing and more

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