Lembongan guide

When Bali feels a bit hectic and you need a timeout, to relax on a quiet beach or a surf break that is not crowded, hop into a speedboat into Lembongan, only 30mnt ride away from Sanur, Bali. Nusa Lembongan has some incredible spots shaped by nature, full of hidden coves, perfect sunset spots for your island getaway.

The bigger of the 2 island is mainly consist of the Jungut Batu area, and the Mushroom beach area, and all the attraction in between. Small, compact, and easy to explore, lembongan is the perfect place to be based to explore the Nusa Islands.

This guide will help you plan a seamless trip to enjoy the islands and it’s Must Sea spots.

Getting There:

While there are few ways to get to Lembongan, for the sake of safety and service quality, we would like to advise not to take the local boats, and go with reputable fast boats companies instead. The ride is usually no more than 30 minutes and most boats leave from Sanur’s Sindhu beach or Matahari Terbit Beach. There are other boats leaving Via the serangan island. While the price can varied a little from one company to the other, usually it cost 250-350k for return trip. Choose one that is reputable and best suits your budget.

Getting Around:

Once you are on the island, you can easily rent a scooter or a push bike. The island’s major attraction can be easily explored in just one day. If you fancy the 4 wheels options however, the are electric golf cart for rent in Mushroom Bay, or you can rent pickup trucks with driver to take you places around Lembongan.

What to see and do in and around Lembongan:

Dream Beach

Like it’s name, is a small sandy inlet between cliffs located not far from Paus Putih. You can enjoy the white sand and clean turqoise waters with 50k entrance fee. however if you don’t fancy the fees, you can still enjoy the view from the side, and sunset here is gorgeous, the beauty is second only to the next attraction below.

Devil’s Tears

The Devil’s tears is a cliff with a sharp jagged rock face, created by years of big swell and high waves crashing into the rock’s surface, creating an alien landscape by the sea, the huge crashing waves left a mist that is quite the display of mother nature’s power. Which is also the reason, why we must implore our dear guest, to stay off the cliff’s edge when enjoying the scenery. Yes we know the selfie opportunity is great, but there is already too much story of people falling swept up by the waves in this very spot, and so we must implore you that safety comes first.

Rock Pools

Located on the other side of devils tears, the rock pools is even more impressive, the tidal pools that formed by years of waves crashing create an beautiful alien landscape, it’s best to enjoyed during sunset, as the pools reflect the scenery as the sun goew down in the horizon.

Sandy Bay Beach Club

From the rock pools, you can see this little cove of white sand. to enjoy this sandy inlet, you will have to go the beach club, and while there, you can enjoy some really good western food from one of the best restaurant in the island.

Mushroom Beach

Also the place where the boats lands, but is arguably one of the best spot for swimming. the turqoiuse blue water is tempting enough to jump into from the boat you are coming with! there is plenty or restaurant around to sate your hunger, or you can just plop down in the sand. we recommend coming before 10AM or after 4.30 pm to avoid the boats, and it’s only 10 mnt walk from our hotel.

Panorama Point

It is the highest point of the island, located halfway between the Mushroom Beach and Jungut Batu, provides a very lovely view of the bay. There’s a few restaurant here with vip seat for the view.

Jungut Batu Beach

Famous for it’s sunsets, and and the main drop off point for visitors from Bali. The sunset is exceptional, and the long white sand streches from Maharigi all the way to the mangrove made for pleasant afternoon walk.


Located in the very tip of Jungut Batu, the Mangrove forest in Lembongan is about hundred years old, and is a very important part of the island’s ecosystem. Lembongan’s best snorkeling sport also happen to be located here. You can join a boat tour to explore the mangrove forest and go to the snorkeling spots. The mangrove is the quieter part of the island, the cafes and restaurant here features rustic and or quirky themes, and they come with swings and happy hour too!


The Littlest sister of all the Nusa Islands, ceningan is even quieter than lembongan, more laidback, and more compact. Ceningan is easily accessible by scooter from Lembongan Via the Yellow Bridge, which is an attraction in itself!

Yellow Bridge

This iconic suspension bridge is the main access to ceningan. The stark yellow color made for a great backdrop, and view from the bridge is exeptional

The Sand Ceningan

Features the infamouse ceningan swim and hammock by waters! it’s one of the best place to enjoy the baby blue waters of ceningan. The funky bar and restaurant is open air and they do great tropical coctails too.

The Blue lagoon

not far from The Sand, and just follow the signs, you should reach the magnificent cliffs over the water, with water so blue it’s hypnotizing.

Secret Beach Ceningan

The way to get here is owned by villa trevally, and they migt request for a small fee of 35k, or 100k should you want to use their pool as well, The beach is rocky with patch of sands, but the view and water is great.

Zipline at dritwood bar

The only zipline on the island that offers you a different way to enjoy the view, although short, its very picturesque.

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