Surfing in lembongan

Surf School

for the best surf lesson in the Island, we work with Thabu Surf School, The surf lessons are suitable for groups of friends, families, and also for solo travellers – a perfect chance to meet new people and share your exciting surfing experience.

Surf Spots: Playgrounds

Due to it’s proximity to the beach Playgrounds is most suited for less experienced surfers who didn’t come on a boat. Works best around mid tide

Surf Spots: Lacerations

Lacerations can break on an extremely shallow reef, so better watch the tide and other, more experienced surfers.

Surf Spots: Shipwrecks

A surf spot that needs some water. Consequently, Shipwrecks is pretty much non-existent during low tide and starts to work when it gets a bit higher during mid and high tide. Then, it can work really well, forming a great right-hander wave. Be careful, the reef can be shallow and sharp.

Surf Spots: Mahana Point, Ceningan

Here, a deep water wave hits an extremely unprotected and shallow reef. The result, Mahana Point, a beauty of a surf spot.

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